Our Vision

We dream of a church…

Where marriages are nourished and grow stronger; fathers are equipped to be spiritual leaders in their homes; mothers are helpmates to their husbands; children grow in their faith, service and love of the Lord; no one is ignored, forgotten or lost; we make lasting bonds with our brothers and sisters in Christ; we bear one another’s burdens, promote peace and forgive each other, early and often; everyone finds encouragement to invest their lives in building God’s kingdom.

Where worship is joyful, moving, reverent, and leads people to a deeper experience of God; the greatness of God is communicated to every visitor; our gratitude permeates all we say and do; creative worship in all its forms is encouraged; we open our doors to special events that lead people to praise God.

Where there is constant hunger for a deeper understanding of God’s word;we use creative avenues to teach God’s word to every believer; God’s word is used to equip His people for significant ministry; Bible knowledge is measured by increasing love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

Where praying, giving, and going are regular activities; we seethe fruits of our labor in the salvation of lost souls; we disciple Christians and equip them to be witnesses for Jesus Christ; we are dedicated to actively witnessing in our own community; our hearts beat for the work of God around the world; short-term workers go on missions internationally and return with a global missions perspective.

Where tithing is taught and modeled faithfully; financial generosity and sacrificial giving are the norm; every member discovers their God-given talents and uses them to serve others; we give joyfully of our time, serving wherever, whenever and however we see God at work.

Where we seek the face of the Lord, His direction, and His blessing in all we do; we repent and find healing and comfort from the Lord; we pray for the salvation of lost souls, by name whenever possible; corporate prayer and fasting is valued and practiced; believers joyously celebrate God’s answers to their prayers and offer thanks to God; we pray until we see revival in our homes, churches, nation and the world; we fight spiritual warfare with prayer and stand together in victory.

Where the good news is communicated creatively and effectively both inside and outside the walls of the church; preaching is encouraging, practical, and lasting; we witness faithfully so our family members, coworkers, neighbors, and friends recognize that we have been forever changed by Jesus Christ.

Our Values

Family and Community

Strong families are the foundation for strong churches. We value building and supporting healthy families, honoring Christ in our homes with lifelong commitments to marriage of a man and woman and scripturally rearing our children. We treasure children as an honor, entrusted to us from God. From the moment of conception, children are a blessing and heritage from the Lord.

We are dedicated to providing a place for families to connect with the church family as the Body of Christ andto strengthening the spiritual lives of families as they seek to build their homes on the solid foundation of Jesus Christ. Our church is privileged to come along side families to support them as they teach their children spiritual and moral values and lead them, through consistent lifestyle example and loving discipline, to make choices based on biblical truth.

We are also committed to fostering relationships between believers. We seek to establish a rich feeling of community as we bear each other’s burdens, encourage one another, and serve one another in Christ. Our church also values the establishment of relationships beyond Christian boundaries since we believe the gospel is advanced through relationships that exemplify Christian love. Exodus 20:12, Matthew 19:4-6, Ephesians 5:22-25/6:1-4, Acts 2:44-47



We value Christ centered, Spirit led worship that is authentic and celebrative with the aim of honoring and glorifying the Lord Jesus Christ, bringing the worshiper into a life-changing, dynamic experience with the living God. We foster worship to exalt Christ as the center of every aspect of our life with our focus as a church to point people to Jesus and to worship Him with all our lives. Matthew 2:11, Luke 10:27, Daniel 6:10


Bible Knowledge

Since God’s Word is the only completely true, completely sufficient, and the final and absolute authority of our lives, we recognize the Bible as our manual for living. We will use the Bible to constantly affirm God’s direction for our lives and our church as we navigate through all of life’s challenges, and all of the cultural changes which we will face. We believe the Bible is our primary tool in leading people to understand who God is, and to bring about personal life transformation.

 As such, we teach the Bible to equip Christ followers to live in such a way as to reflect God's power and to serve him faithfully. As we practice daily Bible reading, group Bible study we will assure the Word of God is taught and lived out in every part of our personal, home, work and church life. We will teach from the Scriptures, provide opportunities for learning and growth in the study of the Bible and challenge believers to apply the truths to their lives. We are committed to adult, youth and children’s ministries that are grounded in and saturated with Scripture, as the Bible is the basis for all we believe. 2 Timothy 3:16-17, Psalm 119:11, Matthew 4:4 


Missions and Evangelism

It is only here and now that we can fulfill Christ’s mandate to reach lost people with the life-changing message of the gospel. As it is the privilege and duty of every Christian to urgently share the Gospel of Christ to all of creation, we encourage and equip our members to make Christ the Lord of their life, that they will see the world as Christ sees it, becoming committed to taking the gospel to our neighbors, community, state, country, and all peoples of all nations. We are Christ’s ambassadors, entrusted with presenting the message of reconciliation to all generations, races, cultures, and walks of life. As we promote creative, entrepreneurial and innovative approaches to ministry that are faithful to Jesus and expressive of His heart to reach those who are far away from God, we will embrace all people with the hope of Jesus, as we are the hands and feet of Christ. Acts 1:8, Romans 10:13-15, Matthew 28:18-20



God first gave us the blessing of life, creating our earth to support life, and giving the life of his son Jesus to redeem us from our sin. As Christians, we have a spiritual debtorship to the whole world, a holy trusteeship in the gospel, all that we have and are, we owe to Him. Therefore, we are under obligation to serve Him with our time, talent and financial resources; to lead people to a saving knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ, train new Christians to become disciples and to send them to the outermost reaches of the earth to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ so that God receives the glory. Malachi 3: 10-12, John 3:16, Matthew 25: 35-40



Understanding prayer to be our direct point of access to God the Father through Jesus Christ, and observing in Jesus' life and ministry the importance of communicating to the Father through prayer, our lives and ministries are formed through ongoing communication with God. We believe that prayer is the key to exalting God in His fullness, enjoying personal daily intimacy with Him, experiencing His power, and discerning His wisdom and will. We hold that prayer is our greatest weapon in spiritual warfare, fruitful evangelism and ministry to others. We value setting aside specific times for personal, family and corporate prayer, encouraging prayer, and teaching the principles of prayer to all who seek Him. Mark 6:46, 1 Thessalonians 5:17, Philippians 4:6, 1 Peter 3:12



We value communication of God’s timeless truth in relevant ways through clear, challenging, and uncompromising Bible teaching and Preaching. We value telling others who God brings into our lives about Jesus and how He has made a difference in our very existence, while reflecting the love of God to all generations, races, cultures and walks of life. Acts 2:36-39, 1 Peter 3:15