Liberia Updates

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Updates from Dave and Trudy while they serve in Liberia! Check back often for the latest :)

Dave and Trudy Petersen are longtime members of College Heights. For several years now, they have spent part of their year serving in Liberia. They have a variety of projects and also partner with Samaritan's Purse. Some of their main projects are at African Bible College, a deaf school, and Beyond the Bricks. This spring they were in Liberia with fellow CHBC member Sylvia Reynolds, and the Bruno family who formerly served as an Associate Pastor at CHBC.

Click HERE for the latest email updates from Tim and Jill Bruno!

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Prayer Requests

3/18/21 - From Dave

Please keep Kemp Laidley and Sylvia Reynolds in your prayers. Kemp has malaria and Sylvia is also sick with a stomach issue. They are both supposed to return to the States Saturday but have to have a clear COVID test. They will not be allowed to fly if they have a fever. Thank you

2/27/21 - From Dave

They were concerned that Trudy had a kidney stone, it turns out that she has malaria and the malaria medicine she had been taking is causing the kidney pain. They are very thankful it is not a stone, if it had been they would have had to come home for treatment as her stones are unable to pass! Praise God that it wasn't a stone and please pray for health and recovery from the malaria.

2/19/21 - From Dave

My first prayer request is that all these precious deaf students will come to know and follow our Lord Jesus Christ. It’s hard to relate to a group of kids whom have been for the most part of their lives neglected by all.

Second prayer request is that the resources to complete the woman’s dorm will be provided. We have the men’s dorm financially covered and are pressing on, but the at this time only God knows how we will afford the completion of the women’s dorm. I am confident that God will be glorified. He has started this and he will finish. We have the roof on it at this point. It’s our privilege to serve and soooo grateful for a praying church.

My third prayer is for our three professors here, Sylvia, Trudy and Tim Bruno. May they continue to pour their lives into these students to the glory of our Savior Jesus Christ. I do believe these students can change this country.

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Gabe Bruno's Liberia Vlog
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